Budapest – Daily Itinerary

IMG_2740I’m planning our itinerary for our trip to Budapest. We expect the toddler to get a lot of stroller time as well as walking time between destinations, but my focus has taken a decidedly historical interest. Some of the days are repetitive as with a toddler one never knows how the day will go, and we plan to split up for certain activities (e.g. we can’t take a toddler to the Gellert Baths most likely and we don’t think we want to leave her with a sitter in the daytime when she’s awake to know what is going on).

Mainz, Germany

  • Dec. 28 (Saturday): Afternoon Flight to Frankfurt
    • Dinner in Mainz and evening walk around town.

Budapest, Hungary

  • Dec 29 (Sunday): Early Morning Flight to Budapest (High:  43F    Low: 37F    Rain: 30%)
    • Explore Castle Hill and area around hotel, depending on toddler
    • Fisherman’s Bastion
    • Matthias Church
  • Dec 30 (Monday): Budapest Day 1 (High: 42F    Low: 30F   Rain: 0%)
    • Continue exploring Castle Hill and sites, depending on toddler
    • Fisherman’s Bastion
    • Matthias Church
    • Ruszwurm (Coffee shop/confectionary)
      • Cukraszda (Confectionery), Szentháromság utca 7 (right across the street from St. Matthias Church), (36-1) 375-5284. Open daily 10AM-7PM.
    • Buda Castle District (Museums closed on Monday)
    • Budapest Castle Hill Funicular
      • Budavári Sikló (HUF 900/1500 one way/return, children HUF 550/1000) climbs up Castle Hill from Chain Bridge’s Buda side to Fisherman’s Bastion (Halászbástya).
  • Dec 31 (Tuesday): Budapest Day 2 (High: 40F   Low: 30F   Rain: 0%)
  • Jan 1 (Wednesday): Budapest Day 3 (High: 37F    Low: 32F   Rain: 20%)
  • Jan 2 (Thursday): Budapest Day 4 (High: 38F   Low: 33F   Rain: 30%)
    • Rental Car Day:
      • Tour countryside looking for former Soviet military base (yes, really).
      • Lunch in the middle of nowhere, or picnic style from hotel.
  • Jan 3 (Friday): Budapest Day 5 (High: 39F   Low: 34F   Rain: 40%)
  • Jan 4 (Saturday): Budapest Day 6 (High: 39F  Low: 33F Rain: 40%)
    • Wander around the city and take photos, enjoy cafes, and buy momentos.
    • Toddler to a park and hopefully late checkout for a good afternoon nap
    • Evening flight to Frankfurt, Germany

Mainz, Germany

  • Jan 6 (Monday): Mainz Day 2
    • Stroll through Mainz in the Morning, Return to London in afternoon

In researching for our itinerary plans, I discovered that the Budapest Labyrinth, which was well regarded, closed in 2011. Here’s a fascinating perspective on the closure here – apparently the reasons behind its shuttering are political in nature.

Here are Budapest’s top 10 attractions on one map.